Work Experience

Java Developer @Syntel

JANUARY 2015 - MAY 2017

Led a team of 3 to handle a Logistics project, which in turn helped me to gain experience of leading a team and understanding the team work's importance in industries.

UI Designer @Syntel

JULY 2015 - MAY 2017

Worked on more than 4 projects to design the front end of the system. Earned an essence of the visualisation and what impacts it makes to user. A catchy and appealing UI is what user want and if you do it more than that, then it would be as pathetic as a blank page.


Masters of Data Science @Monash University(Australia)

JULY 2017 - Current

To play around with the data you have to learn it in depth, hence pursuing my Masters in the field of Data Science.

Computer Science Engineering @Truba Institute of Information Technology(India)

JULY 2010 - MAY 2014

A path which will help me to develope myself into what I wanted. I Completed my degree with bright colours and the oucomes were I turned into a person with technical and domain knowledge who was ready to enter into an IT Industry.

Higher School @Vandana Convent Sr. Sec. School(India)

APRIL 2009 - MAR 2010

Developed my foundational skill over the high school. Learn to lead a team and play a part of the team through various activities. I was heavily involved in the sports field which helped me to get the practical meaning of understanding the team work. Meanwhile, Leading a team of soccer help me to get a mentality to carry each and every individual of the team along me.

Secondary School @Vandana Convent Sr. Sec. School(India)

APRIL 2007 - MAR 2008

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