Work Experience


APRIL 2017 - OCT 2017
Project Worked on:
Tirupati Global: Website created to showcase all the features of company, including what all services they provide. Also, an enquiry system was designed to send an auto email to company’s Email address if any customer enquires about anything.

Software Developer (Syntel Private Limited, India)

JANUARY 2015 - MAY 2017

Worked as a Software Developer. Job Description include:

  • UI and Web Development
  • Java development
  • Database handling
  • Education

    Masters of Data Science @Monash University(Australia)

    JULY 2017 - Current

    To play around with the data you have to learn it in depth, hence pursuing my Masters in the field of Data Science.

    Computer Science Engineering @Truba Institute of Information Technology(India)

    JULY 2010 - MAY 2014

    A path which will help me to develope myself into what I wanted. I Completed my degree with bright colours and the oucomes were I turned into a person with technical and domain knowledge who was ready to enter into an IT Industry.

    Honours and Awards

    Syntel value award: Speed

    FEB 2017

    For helping in multiple projects at a time to resolve their issues and delivering right solutions in an efficient manner.

    Syntel value award: Agility

    MARCH 2016

    This was a team award, achieved by an amazing team for delivering best results to client in whole domain, I am honoured to be a part of such a great team.